Occupational Training

Teaches the foundational and technical skills needed to be safe and effective in the mining industry in various occupations.

Effective occupational training in the mining industry has three critical components:

  1. In-class foundational training
  2. Hands-on, on the job training
  3. Work experience/placement to practice learnings

MiHR’s training program packages include all the required training materials needed for successful in-class foundation training delivery, including a trainer’s guide, participant workbooks, PowerPoints, handouts and resources.

MiHR has received funding to be able to support employers, educational institutions and training organizations with up to a $20,000 subsidy ($30,000 for equity deserving groups) to deliver MiHR’s occupational training, and provide employers $1,000 to support the delivery of upskilling opportunities to the existing workforce through the delivery of MiHR’s Industry Trainer and Frontline Supervisor occupational training.

Common Competency Training

MiHR’s Common Competency training focuses on the foundational tasks that are common across MiHR’s suite of seven (7) National Occupational Standards, which include Underground Miner, Surface Miner, Mineral Processing Operator, Diamond Driller, Hoist Operator, Front Line Supervisor and Industry Trainer. It trains learners in the areas of competency (safety, environment etc.) required for an entry level position in the Canadian mining industry.

Diamond Driller Training

MiHR’s Diamond Driller training is aligned with both MiHR’s Diamond Driller National Occupational Training Standard and the Ontario Diamond Driller Common Core. It focuses on the skills and tasks industry has deemed required for Diamond Drillers to know to be proficient in their occupation.

Industry Trainer Training

MiHR’s Industry Trainer training is designed to support the development of new Industry Trainers and focuses on training and assessment. It teaches the critical skills needed to train new employees, upskill the existing workforce and reinforce safety protocols so workers can enjoy an accident-free work environment.

For more information, please contact standards@mihr.ca.

Photo courtesy of Baffinland.

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