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MiHR’s labour market models, tools and capabilities provide stakeholders with relevant analysis and forecasts that are designed to help identify opportunities and challenges within organizations. Access to labour market forecasts and analysis at the regional level allows you and your stakeholder groups to identify which human resource challenges require specific strategies to address, and which are shared across multiple regions and warrant a collaborative approach.

Some applications of our LMI analysis include:

  • Forecasts for hiring requirements and available talent;
  • Geospatial analysis for the implementation of training and recruitment programs;
  • Labour market analysis to help companies better understand local labour supply and demand;
  • Research to support IBA goals and targets;
  • Issue-specific research reports covering topics such as inclusion, diversity and innovation;
  • Baseline diversity and employee satisfaction surveys.

MiHR can lend its expertise to your research or workforce planning initiatives through customized labour market information, intelligence and regional insight.

Find out what MiHR’s LMI and Research Team can do for you.

Get in touch with our research team to find out more about our expertise and past experience and how your organization can leverage customized LMI and research to enhance your workforce planning initiatives.

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