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A Career in Mining is More Than You Think


Are you interested in a career in mining? The industry offers over 120 different types of jobs, so it can be difficult to narrow down your search. Check out these pages to help you zero in on specific mining occupations (nearly 50!) in a series of profiles that explore personal preferences and aptitudes, and describe what a particular job entails.

Mining: It’s More Than You Think!

We Need Mining.
Mining Needs You.

Are you looking for a financially rewarding career? Do you like working on a team to solve interesting problems? Do you want to make a difference by helping Canada’s mining industry lead the world in environmental sustainability?

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Gearing Up: Developing Mining Talent Through Work-Integrated Learning

MiHR’s Gearing Up Program is helping shape the next generation of Canada’s mining workers!

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Green Jobs

MiHR’s Green Jobs Program helps job-ready youth gain relevant and meaningful work experience in mining through paid placements or training opportunities that focus on clean technology and innovation, and ultimately provide an environmental benefit to Canada.

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Mining Careers Videos

The following videos offer a snapshot of what it’s like to work in the Canadian mining industry.

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Information for Newcomers to Canada

Information to address some of the specific challenges that immigrants might face when thinking about a life in Canada’s mining industry.

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National Youth Mining Career Awareness Strategy 2021-2026

Planning for education-based initiatives to develop the mining talent pipeline.

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