Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Mining

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Based on the Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) Equitable, Diverse, and Inclusive Workplaces Protocol developed by the Mining Association of Canada, MiHR has produced a series of guides, tools and reports to help mining organizations develop and implement a corporate equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) strategy.

How to use these documents

These tools form a roadmap for mining organizations to develop a corporate EDI strategy, including details on objective setting, action plans and reporting. We suggest organizations begin their journey by exploring the EDI Toolkit assets below.

Developing a Corporate EDI Strategy

What is an EDI Strategy?

A corporate EDI strategy is comprised of a set of clear objectives, planned actions and evaluative measures that align, direct and structure an organization’s EDI efforts.

How Will an EDI Strategy Benefit Your Organization?

  • Supports fulfillment of EDI commitments.
  • Integrates EDI across organizational structures and functions.
  • Guides decisions around appropriate resource allocation, identifies responsibility centres and designates accountability.

EDI Toolkit

Organized by TSM performance indicators, the EDI Toolkit provides guides and additional tools to help mining organizations streamline their efforts and move from ideation, to implementation, to evaluation and reporting.

Performance Indicator 1: Leadership and Strategy

Use the Guide to Developing a Corporate EDI Strategy, and the supporting Leadership and Strategy tools, to develop a roadmap to create and implement a corporate EDI strategy.


Performance Indicator 2: Advancing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The Guide to Monitoring and Reporting EDI Performance, and the supporting Advancing EDI tools, will help organizations confirm that their strategic approach to information gathering and reporting is equitable.


Performance Indicator 3: Monitoring Performance and Reporting

The Guide to Putting EDI into Action will help mining organizations align with the standards of the TSM Equitable, Diverse and Inclusive Workplaces Protocol. It also outlines how to engage with relevant groups and individuals, from strategy development to evaluation. 


Additional Toolkit Resources

MiHR has developed additional tip sheets and overviews that provide a snapshot of the key priorities and activities that are essential to developing a corporate EDI strategy.  



Post-pandemic, Canada’s mining sector faces inflation, supply chain issues and talent retention challenges. To address labour shortages, increasing employment among equity-deserving groups is essential.

Newcomers in Canada are vital for the mining sector’s skilled labour pool. This research briefing examines various programs and supports, spanning federal to community-based initiatives, that aid newcomer integration in the mining industry.

Rapid digital evolution is transforming the mining sector, showcasing a readiness for automation to enhance productivity and global competitiveness. In addition to cost control, automation offers a chance to access diverse talent, particularly tapping into the valuable resource of persons with disabilities as skilled labour.

This study explores the factors and timing affecting career decisions among Indigenous, newcomer and disabled youth, addressing systemic barriers and disparities to promote equitable access to education, employment and advancement opportunities.

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