WEBINAR – EDI in Canadian Mining: What’s the Data Telling Us?

The mining sector is feeling the effects of labour market tightening, putting pressure on companies to attract and retain talent. Achieving higher employment rates among equity-deserving groups will help the Canadian mining sector address current and expected labour shortages. This webinar will share the results of the Mining Industry Human Resources Council’s (MiHR) research into systemic barriers in the mining sector as well as labour market information indicating various trends among equity deserving groups in the mining industry. MiHR will present the latest labour market outcomes for these groups to identify labour gaps and opportunities to strengthen their participation in mining related occupations.


Vickey Sobhani
Labour Market Economist, MiHR

Leslie Woolcott
Director, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, MiHR


Thursday, November 2, 2023
1:00PM EDT

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Nov 2, 2023


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