Building a Network

Tips on how to make connections during your job search.

Making valuable connections

Making connections is an important skill that can open up more opportunities during your job search. Talk to people who are working in the industry, consult with educational institutions and other career seekers about your career interests and goals, and introduce yourself to new contacts whenever possible. Building relationships and growing a network can take time, so it should begin early, even before coming to Canada or submitting job applications and maintained throughout your career.

Newcomers to Canada should research Canadian cultural norms for making introductions, appropriate time for follow-up, topics that are great conversation starters, topics that are inappropriate, and ways to approach strangers. Check out this website on conversations and cultural norms for Canadians for an introduction.

Tradeshows, Events and Conferences: Maximize your networking potential

Every year, there are several major Canadian mining events that are well worth experiencing, including the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) International Convention, Trade Show and Investors Exchange (held in early March in Toronto) and The Canadian Institute of Mining (CIM) Convention (held in early May in either Montreal or Vancouver).

Conference rates will vary depending on memberships, etc. To reduce the cost, consider purchasing only a day pass to the event (if you live nearby), or look into volunteering opportunities.

Depending on your field of interest within the mining industry, there are several other smaller conventions to look forward to throughout the year. Keep up to date with all of the tradeshows MiHR attends on our Events page.

Volunteering: Add industry experience to your resume while growing your professional network

If you are new to your community, consider volunteering as a way to help grow your network quickly. Look for skills-based volunteering opportunities so you can acquire relevant experience to add to your resume.

Many mining employers are active in their local communities and often sponsor events or fundraisers for charities. Consider contacting an employer to inquire about an upcoming event and possible volunteer opportunities. Alternatively, choose a local non-profit or charity that interests you and lend your skills – you will meet people who may become valuable connections.

LinkedIn: Leverage your online presence to connect to professionals

Through LinkedIn you can research potential employers, view job postings, and connect with professionals. Including the URL for your LinkedIn profile on your business cards is an easy way to share your credentials, skills and experience with professional contacts.

Take advantage of free resources that you can find online or at your public library, such as websites, guides and books on how to make the most of LinkedIn.

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