Job Description

  • Install, maintain, modify and repair machinery and stationary equipment (e.g. conveyors, hydraulic systems, pneumatic devices, pumps, engines, motors, production machines, etc.)
  • Troubleshoot production problems and take preventive or corrective action as required
  • Perform operational equipment checks
  • Read blueprints, manuals and process specifications to visualize layouts and guide work
  • Collect, analyze, and summarize information and trends to prepare mechanical maintenance reports
  • Operate heavy-lifting equipment
  • Maintain a clean, orderly and safe work environment
  • Follow health and safety policies to ensure safety and environmental protection
  • Collaborate with planning departments and shop personnel to ensure maintenance requirements are met
  • Document and communicate actions, irregularities and ongoing maintenance requirements (e.g. routine oil change)


$29.00/hour – $49.74/hour Commission work pays between $70 and $100 per hour. Apprentices are paid a percentage of the full wage beginning at 75% and increasing with experience.

Job Prospects

Demand in Mining: 4/5

Skill Transferability: 5/5


Why are People Attracted to this Career?

Millwrights enjoy the hands-on challenge of performing precision work and keeping production systems in good conditions. They solve a range of technical problems in diverse mining environments, and are well compensated for their efforts.

What is it Like to Work as an Millwright in Mining?

Note: The requirements listed below illustrate what it takes to start the career and do not take into account on-the-job training given to new employees.

Millwrights work in confined spaces, at heights and near open holes. They work with a variety of tools and large equipment to perform precise alignments as well as regular machinery maintenance.

Success Profile

  • Committed to safe work habits
  • Excellent manual dexterity
  • Respect and understand safety procedures, regulations and legislation
  • Independent
  • Results-oriented
  • Strong communication, interpersonal and troubleshooting skills
  • Team player
  • Values safety, health and a positive working environment
  • Willing to perform repetitive or routine tasks

Job Entry Requirements

Note: The requirements listed below illustrate what it takes to start the career and do not take into account on-the-job training given to new employees.

Fixed Requirements

  • Journeyperson Trade Certificate as Industrial Mechanic/Millwright (check the requirements for your province or territory)
  • Physically fit and mobile
  • Knowledge of mining operations and mining equipment
  • Must be able to pass a medical test
  • Must be able to pass a drug test
  • Willingness to work in a diverse environment
  • Proficiency in language of operation

May be Required

Red Seal certification as Industrial Mechanic/Millwright

High school diploma or equivalent

  • Valid driver’s licence (or eligible for a driver’s licence) with few or no current infractions


  • Willingness to relocate
  • Other languages

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