Safe Workplaces for All

Addressing Sexual Harassment in Canadian Mining.


Everyone has the right to work in a safe, respectful and welcoming environment. Nevertheless, sexual harassment and violence continue to occur in the mining workplace. Through industry collaboration and research, as well as design and evaluation of public legal education and information (PLEI) materials, Safe Workplaces for All: Addressing Sexual Harassment in Canadian Mining will build sector capacity to support mineral exploration and mining companies to expand their knowledge of, and response to, workplace sexual harassment and violence.

Employers, unions and employees will benefit from increased awareness of sexual harassment and knowledge of rights and responsibilities associated with addressing sexual harassment, while building capacity to respond to harassment-related concerns.


  1. Support exploration and mining companies to identify sexual harassment and violence, effectively respond to allegations as well as understand and comply with legislated requirements.
  2. Identify effective policy and procedural approaches to mining sector sexual harassment and violence.
  3. Enhance understanding of sexual harassment and violence in the mining sector to identify next steps for research, action, strategic engagement and partnerships.
  4. Affect systemic, organizational change that will support respectful workplace cultures, address sexual harassment and violence and advance inclusion and safety within the mining sector.


  • Overview of relevant legislative frameworks. 
  • Research report examining legislation, effective sexual harassment and violence policies and procedures in mining and one or more related sectors as well as an analysis of relevant government-based recommendations resulting from commissions and taskforces. 
  • Educational materials on rights, responsibilities and supports for employers, unions, employees, including complainants, respondents and witnesses. 
  • Mechanism for supporting ongoing discussion around sexual harassment and violence in the mining workplace.

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The Safe Workplaces for All project supports mining and mineral exploration companies to expand their knowledge of, and response to, sexual harassment in the workplace by developing and disseminating public legal education and information (PLEI) on workplace sexual harassment to employers, unions and employees.

An analysis of obligations, risks and opportunities for addressing sexual harassment and violence in Canadian mining. It informs the development of educational resources for use by mining employers, unions and employees.

An overview of legislative frameworks related to sexual harassment and violence in Canadian mining.

Safe Workplaces for All Steering Committee

MiHR is committed to ensuring equity, diversity and inclusion are prioritized in Canada’s mining sector. Therefore, a The Safe Workplaces for All Steering Committee (SWSC) is a project sub-committee of MiHR’s Inclusion & Diversity Standing Committee (IDSC). Comprised of industry human resource and inclusion and diversity experts from academia, and various organizations, the SWSC guides project development and implementation. Members develop sector capacity and performance by sharing innovative approaches and effective practises in relation to addressing sexual harassment, in particular, and advancing workforce inclusion and diversity, in general.

Dorena Quinn (Chair)

Senior Vice President, People


Viviane Ajub

Global Manager, Diversity and Inclusion


Kristeen Gaasbeek (Hughes)

Interim HR Manager

Vale Canada Limited – Ontario Operations

Bipasha Baruah

Canadian Research Chair in Global Women’s Issues

University of Western Ontario

Katie Denault

Director, HR

Association Minière du Québec

Cynthia Waldmeier

Senior Director of Communications

Mining Association of Canada

Karen Jonkman

National Representative


Susan Lomas


Me Too Mining/Mine Shift

Krishana Michaud

Manager, Student & Early Career Program

Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada

Julie Rachynski

VP, Human Resources

Seabridge Gold

Jackie Scales

Director, Diversity and Inclusion


Alicia Bjarnason

Project Coordinator

Canadian Coalition of Women in Engineering, Science, Trades and Technology (CCWESTT)

Lema Ijtemaye

Manager, Social and Economic Development

Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada

Felicia Tugak

Project Coordinator

Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada

MiHR extends a special thank you to the Native Women’s Association of Canada for its support of the Safe Workplaces for All project. 

Une analyse des obligations, des risques et des opportunités d’aborder le harcèlement sexuel et la violence dans le secteur minier canadien. Il sert de base à l’élaboration de ressources éducatives pour les employeurs, les syndicats et les employés du secteur minier.

Un aperçu des cadres législatifs liés au harcèlement sexuel et à la violence dans l’industrie minière canadienne.

Funding for this initiative is provided by the Government of Canada through
The Department of Justice.

Photo courtesy of Agnico Eagle.

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