Blueprint for a National Mining Career Awareness Strategy

Planning for education-based initiatives to develop the mining talent pipeline.


The Mining Career Awareness, Engagement and Strategy Development project was commissioned by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) as part of the Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan’s (CMMP) strategic plan. Its intent was to create a blueprint for a national mining career awareness strategy that supports Canada’s goal of maintaining sustainable and responsible natural resources development through knowledge dissemination and career engagement activities.


  1. To raise the profile of Canada’s mining sector.
  2. To attract students to mining-related post-secondary education programs.
  3. To ensure regional and national efforts to develop human resources support Canada’s mining leadership.


  1. Conduct an environmental scan to establish a baseline on the image and perceptions of careers in the Canadian minerals and metals sector.
  2. Develop a mining careers information inventory.
  3. Develop a national mining career stakeholders inventory.
  4. Hold two workshops to validate research.
  5. Develop a blueprint for a national mining career awareness strategy.

Primary and Secondary Data Research

Phase one was a review and analysis of secondary data collected from publicly-available government publications, MiHR’s internal data, external reports, websites, peer-reviewed and professional journal articles.

Phase two consisted of interviews and surveys with employers, industry associations, post-secondary educators, and students.

Environmental Scan

An environmental scan was conducted of stakeholder websites hosting mining career-related information, including 12 Canadian provincial and territorial mining associations, 12 national mining organizations, 17 provincial and federal government departments and 10 mining related research and training organizations.


Two workshops, held in Toronto and Vancouver, provided opportunities to discuss and validate research findings; in addition to being platforms for dialogue between stakeholders. Issues discussed pertained to raising mining awareness, attracting students into mining-related post-secondary programs, industry and institutional priorities, and current industry and organizational overlaps and gaps.

Student Career Awareness Survey

Completed by 125 students, this survey of students’ perceptions of mining careers was distributed online and in hard copy at seven events during AME Roundup 2020 and PDAC 2020.


Survey and workshop insights identify opportunities for action to support youth as they develop skills and prepare for transition to the labour market. Collaborative action by local, regional and national stakeholders can be leveraged into new programs to reflect new ways of teaching and learning, enhance mentorship and increase access to high quality work-integrated learning placements such as co-ops and internships.

The Blueprint

The blueprint was developed by MiHR in April 2020. It is the basis for the creation of a national five-year strategy for mining career awareness that would guide mining sector efforts to address future human resource issues. It would be further developed, refined and formed into a national strategy by a mining career awareness consortium when funding is secured.

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